January 2012

Happy 2012! A time to start fresh and new things the Lord has put on your heart over the last few years. The year to persevere!
Jamin closed the Fall internship with excitement in releasing the interns for Gods next step in each of their lives. Many are moving on to the 2nd track while others are going back into the marketplace with a new vision. We also just learned one of our interns, Laila, just accepted a position at Exodus Cry as the supervisor of awareness and prevention. She is preparing to go to Australia and speak to every state parliament about the importance of preventative laws like in Sweden. Sarah is now 18 months and beginning to show. While on our trip to Texas, Jamin’s parents took us to get a 4D sonogram and we found out we are having a BOY! Libby closed out her first semester in school. I wish we would have videod her reaction to the sonogram. She said brother all along and to see it really was true got her really excited. She already has a name and talks to him all the time!Jamin’s parents took us to Great Wolf Lodge for Christmas. We were able to see many of our Texas family and friends and talk with many more about the vision God has given us. We were hoping to raise the funds needed for Jamin to travel to Africa. We are still short at the moment but we know the Man in the business of miracles.
OneThing 2011 was amazing! Most of Sarah’s family came and joined 30000 hungry people from all over the world. There were over 60 milllion that tuned in on the web and it was also broadcast live on GodTV. Both of us served the conference on the ministry team. Jamin served in the internship booth as well as ministry captain. There were no specific calls for ministry from the podium but we were able to see many healings and encouraged many more as we were led by Holy Spirit. Jamin saw the Lord heal two backs, a spine disease, 3 migraine headaches, a skin disease, and set a person free of a tormenting spirit. The theme of the conference was Jesus, our Magnificent Obsession. There was such a conviction in the building. A dividing line was put in place calling us to decide what side of the fence we want to be on. I love how He gives us the choice to be His partner. He wants a partner who wants to be with Him!

We want to encourage you at the beginning of this new year to take time and to reflect on the things God has spoken to you over the last few years. Go through your journals and write out the promises given to you. This is the year for breakthrough. As a family we are planning times this month to reflect and cast vision for the year. Partner with the Lords vision for you for 2012!