About Us

Jamin (Dad)

He has been called to the ministry of Jesus since his childhood.  He grew up loving Jesus and loving sports.  Eventually Jesus took over and besides for the occasional golf outing or family basketball game he has given sports to Jesus.  He has a fathers heart and a passion for justice.  He delights in the Lord and all He does.  He longs to see the Kingdom of God manifest on the earth.  He values Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit.  He has served in various ministry positions: youth pastor, deacon, prayer leader, pastor, missionary, intercessory missionary, leader in internships at IHOP-KC, Inner Healing, Deliverance, and Discipleship leader for the male side of Prisoners of Hope, and Ministry team leader.  He values family life and understands this is the ministry God has given him.  Jamin grew up learning to restore furniture and car upholstery with his father doing upholstery.  Restoration has always been in his heart.  Currently he is working in the upholstery business.

Sarah (Mom)

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Sarah has the gift of hosting and hospitality.  She is able to steward the home to make others feel completely at peace and free.  She is a worshiper in the core of her being.  She always has her “worship hat” on although she has to put on many other hats along with it.  She started out a farm girl and that part of her has never died.  She has brought to the family the green thumb and love of farm animals.  Even in the city we will have a raised garden and chickens if possible.  She dreams of land, gardens and animals one day.  A cosmetologist by trade, she always seems to fit in working a day or two.  Going to the salon she is able to minister to the one that sits in her chair.  She loves so well!  She is also Chief Marketing Coordinator of Purely You Minerals.  This is a mineral makeup line with an amazing vision  (PurelyYouMinerals.com).  Plus the makeup is amazing and very affordable (which is in the vision).  Sarah loves community and discipleship.  It is all about a relationship, not a bunch of rules.  She is our dreamer that has no fear in chasing those dreams.  She is a visionary.  In being so relational, the prophetic gifting she has comes naturally and leaves others feeling greatly loved.

Libby, Gideon, and AuriAnna


Libby is our oldest.  She has been through many moves and crazy events.  Through it all she has learned to love well.  Since she could walk we knew she would dance.  She is a worshiper!  Her first dance performance was at age 3 and she continues to dance for Jesus.  She loves music and singing as well.  We are called to homeschool our kids.  This began in our missionary days and have continued today.  Libby is learning a lot and we have been able to provide her the ability to grow in music and dance without the time restraints of a public or private school.  Libby is also beginning to feel her way around the kitchen with baking.  She has her Dad’s sweet tooth so cupcakes for all.  She has always been full of adventure and has an administrative gift.

Gideon is full of energy!  He wakes up ready to go and does not stop until its bedtime.  He loves the outdoors.  He loves to work and build things with Dad.  He also loves to work the ground and take care of the chickens for Mom.  This boy was prayed into our family.  We tried for 3 years to have a baby before he was conceived.  Many people prayed for this boy.  He has a gift of discernment.  He is not scared of much, but he knows when something is not good.  He is very compassionate and loving, although can be rough in showing it sometimes.

AuriAnna is our baby.  She loves her family.  Her brother and her get into plenty of mischief from all their exploring adventures.  She looks up to Libby and loves to imitate her dancing.  She loves to make others laugh and is loving.  She gets so excited when worship comes on and begins to dance.  She is very smart and is so much fun!

Our Family


As a family we have a call to community and deliverance/inner healing. We love to have people come be a part of our family for a season as they seek healing and a deeper relationship with Jesus!  Hospitality is in our DNA.  We love hosting people at our place and also hosting the Presence of God.  Presence worship is essential and has been a tool that has shifted our daily lives.  It is something we long for in the place of community.  It is only by His Presence that we have seen lasting change in our lives and others in community with us.  It is essential.


An unexpected meeting.  In the world of chaos, tension, and hurt there is only One Man, Jesus Christ, that can bring us to a place of safety and hope.  As we look at the economy of the world and all the horrific events occurring it is so easy to be gripped with fear and hopelessness.  We have been shown in God’s Word and His spoken word that these things are coming and will only intensify. We have had broken individuals with little to no hope come to us throughout our lives and throughout our marriage.  As we have matured we realized it is only by encountering King Jesus that true healing and real hope can enter their lives.  This first was truly revealed to us as Youth Pastors in a small church in northern Minnesota.  12 hungry kids in youth group helped propel us into a truth that would shape us forever.  This unexpected meeting with King Jesus “whacked” us to a point we can never ever go back to as things were before this moment.  This is not a formula or a method because all our encounters with God was unique.  We are all created unique and are called an “original.”