Our Dream

Our dream began as kids and has come together to make one dream.  Together with the Lord, we have a vision for what it is He wants us to do on earth.  The Lord has been faithful to always keep this dream in mind at every decision we make.  He has always only revealed to us bits and pieces at a time.  This, I believe, has helped us hunger and seek after His plans for our life.  We will be editing this page from time to time for the reason of Him only revealing little bits at a time.  I hope you enjoy reading this…I know love living this out!

“If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.” Proverbs 29:18 (Message translation)

In 2003, we were going through pre-marriage counseling.  We actually knew the Lord wanted us to get prepared for marriage as much as possible so we went to three different places to receive anything and everything to have an amazing married life.  One of the men we counseled with gave us the counsel to always dream together.  From that moment on, we have purposed ourselves to spend time as a couple talking about our dream, praying about our dream, and dreaming together.  Sarah, being such a visionary, it comes very easy.  Jamin, being the task master, has learned to grow and go with flow.  The Lord knew we needed each other.  We are not saying we are set in this way and Sarah only gets the vision and Jamin finds the way to it.  We always have come together and really been on the same page of the vision from the Lord.  Sarah is usually the one that gets the colorful pictures of what it is going to look like.  Jamin will get his information in the form of the end goal along with the next step.  This is the introduction so you get to know how the Lord uses us as we have come along and how we are moving forward.

In the fall of 2003, we are on our honeymoon in Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  It rained the majority of the time we were there.  The good thing was we had a hot tub in our cabin and were able to dream, ALOT!

So before our honeymoon we had expressed our dreams from our childhood.  The things we wanted and hoped for one day.  We could see they could come together and tried piecing them together the best we could.  Looking back at our honeymoon, I can confidently say that this moment was when all the things we had longed for before took a backseat to the things the Lord was placing in our hearts as “one flesh.”

So what did the Lord say?

We were driving into town to have a bite to eat, with the windows down to smell the fresh mountain air, when we both looked at one another.  It was like a light bulb had been turned on and we knew something was up.  “A Retreat!”  Sarah had said it, but Jamin wanted to.  At this moment we had no idea what that would look like or how we would get there.  Sarah began to enjoy dreaming of where and what it would look like.  The drive, the meal, and everything in between consisted of what this would look like one day.  We began to pray and the question we both had was, “Where?”  We heard one word…Mountain.

The process continued as we grew together.  We began to look at how we could get to a mountainous area (we were living in the panhandle of Texas).  As a year past, and then another, we had not been given any more on this dream we had.  BUT…because the dream was given, we worked our way out of debt and began to save for Our Dream.  Our jobs continued to grow and we decided to purchase a home in Texas.  We continued to search for positions at a resort or retreat center for us to get our foot in.  In 2006, we had Libby and then 6 months later (as we were getting so focused on life then)….BAM…..a tornado hits.

This was a life shifting moment.  The weeks following were so crazy it was as if we were numb.  Our home was not a place that we could live in.  The insurance was going to total it and things would work out, but if you ever have had to deal with insurance claim….you know what I mean.  Just months before this happened we had traveled to Minnesota to see Sarah’s family.  Her parents own a beautiful resort on a lake in the north woods of Minnesota.  You can only imagine the conversations we had with them about our dream.  They probably thought we were absolutely nuts for all we know.  They were honest with us and never talked the dream down or told us we were crazy.  Sarah began to express the desire to go and help her family run the resort.  It would be great timing to do this with all that had happened.  It would also remove the fear of tornados and allow time to heal from this event.  So we did….

It was in Minnesota that many promises that the Lord had spoken over us began to come about.  The Lord really moved on our hearts and we began to hunger for His presence like never before.  We began to see that the Lord wanted us to have a place for others to come and receive healing.  We immediately began to go to training and equip ourselves with tools to help those that were hurting and broken.  We were youth pastors and also were leaders in a prayer/worship ministry.  It was at this time in our lives that restoration became a word that fit into our dream.

After 4 years in Minnesota we moved to Kansas City to attend an internship at the International House of Prayer.  We would be here for 4 years.  We learned discipline and how to really trust fully in God’s leadership.  He asked us to go to extreme measures in this season and we did.  The things we reaped from this season are still being revealed and are better than costly gold.  This is the spiritual maturity we needed to have a healing retreat.  We also were able to see how God uses things like gardening and the arts to heal.  These are little details that the Lord has given us to have at our retreat.  The Lord revealed to us the importance of land and the importance of prayer.

I would have to say this step of moving to the House of Prayer has, thus far, been the most important.  They all have significance, but this one stands out.  We learned who we are.  Identity is so key.  In order to love others (2nd Command that Jesus gives us) we have to first love ourselves.  In a revival atmosphere, the Lord began to reveal who it is He created us to be.  We learned that I could only love Him this way.  I am an original!  A masterpiece. We began to see our strengths and weaknesses.  Not in a critical way, but an empowering way.  This allows us to walk in confidence and push fear aside.  This helped us be able to love the very person God made me to be.  The breakthrough in this….I was able to love those that many would claim as gross or perverted.  It was in this place of love that we the equipping of tools were placed on steroids.  We were positioned to grow at a rapid rate.  We were able to network and lead people from all over the world.  We prayed for the sick to be healed daily.  We were placed in the prophetic lifestyle to always look to encourage, exhort and comfort.  The most important gift we feel we gained was that of discernment.  Discerning in the realm of the spirit is going to be key for the days ahead.  We also received physical tools from Crisis Response International that would launch us into a simple lifestyle that values mercy and hope for those in crisis.  So how does all this fit into our dream….I say how does it not.

As couple, we went to celebrate our wedding anniversary to Pagosa Springs, CO.  It was here in a quiet little mountain town in an “upper room” off the grid, the Lord spoke.  He said to go get a trade.  The Lord eventually led us to Texas for Jamin to begin working with Dad, dusting off the trade he grew up with, Upholstery.  Little did we know that Sarah was going to gain trades as well.  She had desired to sign up for Young Living Essential Oils for years.  The time came and she was able to.  This has grown to be a part of our daily lives in health and has help supplement our income some.  The sky is the limit and we will continue to allow God to grow this as He will.  From our days in Kansas City, we met an amazing family, the Arnold’s.  Out of nowhere, Sarah had been contacted by them about one of their grown daughters, Joy.  She has a mineral makeup that she makes and a vision like no other makeup company around.  Sarah helped her with a Salon line of makeup for a season.  The Lord grew Sarah and Joy’s relationship and Joy heard from the Lord to stop the Salon line and join it all in to her Purely You line of makeup.  Sarah was asked to help market this makeup for Joy.  We are so excited about this opportunity the Lord has presented us.  We will soon provide a link for Purely You.  Please read the vision and heart behind what we are doing.  I will warn you….when you try the makeup you will fall in love with it!

So what is next?

Enjoy the journey with us.

Please pray for:  financial growth, land (location), wisdom, understanding,