June 2012 Newsletter

Dear Beloved Friends,


Gideon has arrived!


After years of prayer and crying out to God we are now a family of 4.  Sarah was placed on bed rest for 2 weeks because of high blood pressure.  It stayed down until May 18th when it spiked again.  Sarah and her midwife made the decision it was best for Gideon and her to induce.  After 29 hours of labor after the induction, Gideon came!  Sarah took no medication and was simply amazing.  The presence of God filled the room at 9:14 and we could feel angels rejoicing over Gideon Jordan.  He continues to be strong and is eating well.  Sarah is doing great, better than we all expected.  Jamin is full of joy and Libby is a great help, loving having a brother.  She did beautifully in her dance recital and graduated pre-K.  We could not be more grateful for all God has done in May of 2012.  Ministry has not stopped for us.  Jamin has been able to take time to be at home, but has also been praying for new team members.  We have a guy very interested.  Please continue to pray for discernment for Jamin as he looks to build his team.


We love to be able to bless you and give each of you thanks for partnering with our ministry and IHOP-KC.  The big difference in our new ministry is we deal with fewer people, but have a huge impact in their lives.  This young lady wanted to thank you for helping her gain freedom through Jesus, using us and many others within Prisoners of Hope.


“I am 20 years old and just graduated from… Prisoners of Hope. I cannot, and would rather not, fathom what life would be like if Jamin and Sarah did not express to me what God had laid on their hearts for me…that I have wounds that need healing…and that I can officially begin the journey to my desired ministry. They had opened up a couple invitations to me to have me at their home and they signed me up on the waiting list to receive healing ministry. I postponed their suggestions twice, but when I finally came, I could feel the peace in their home and that peace comforted my faith and belief in my own healing. I watched their family grow and knew it was a safe place to be. I began learning the lifestyle of missionaries and…thought of partnering with the idea myself. Jamin and Sarah believe the Lord is the provider who gives His heart to other people and for them…as our Father always wants the best for us. The verse Exodus 14:14 comes to mind, “The Lord will fight your battles for you. He asks that you be still.”  As they took me in with open arms, knowing the Lord provides for them and would provide for even me to live with them without me being able to pay rent or for my own groceries was a total faith movement in my own life! In November, I began receiving ministry from Prisoners of Hope, the day after my 20th birthday, May 30th, I graduated from it with a restored hope, confidence, and understanding of my identity in Christ. I am so thankful for the peace and the support the Hacker family gave to me before and after I started and now as a graduate. They’ve shown wonderful example of a lifestyle in peace and understanding the Lord is who He says He is. Provider, Truth, Hope, Faith and Creator who provides for even the small sparrows.


I want to thank you for your heart to listen and obey the Lord as He moves your heart to provide for the Hacker family. Thank you for trusting the Lord with your own finances as you’ve given your own earnings away to a family in missions. I bless each one of you for blessing the Hacker family who have and continue to bless me.


Love,   K”


Because of you, this is possible.  We want to thank you for making this possible for us and all those being ministered to!  You are a blessing!


With Love,


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