Ghana Update 1

Hello all.  I made it safe with only 2 20 minute naps on the plane here.  It was then a long drive to Ho.  It took us 3 hours.  The hotel is nice.  Edem, the young man that is helping put this whole thing on has worked so hard and is an awesome guy.

The Lord has given so much grace for me concerning strength and not being so tired I feel like a walking dead man.  The food has been pretty bland to this point. Chicken and rice basically.  I am happy to get it though.

I was on schedule to speak the third part for the pastors conference but I ended up going first this morning.  It was all Holy Spirit leading!  These pastors are hungry.  I also made a huge connection and may be able to get in on some pretty awesome things for children and slavery.

I will post some pictures up soon!  I was able to get internet tonight.  If I don’t again I will post when I get home.

God is so amazing!  Blessings from Africa!  Jamin


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