Ghana update #2

Day 2 of the conference started well.  We are even going to extend the conference to a night meeting tonight.  We had many questions on the gift of prophecy.  I have been asked to share tonight on the proper use and the common misuse of this gift.  Many leaders here call themselves prophet, referring to the office of prophet.  Clarity is needed for sure!

This morning Holy Spirit touched me in a unique way.  I have not been touched like that before.  We were worshipping in the hotel room before the conference to loft sessions (highly recommend this album) by Bethel and He just hit me hard.  I was in almost a groaning state for a few hours.  I got a word for the people of Ho Ghana out of Isaiah 55.  The first word of this passage in NKJV is…”Ho,….”  It was perfect and summed up the meeting.  Richard and Debbie made some really good connections as well.  They are hitting the market place ministry hard in their messages!  The people are hungry!

I also received Ghana law on Human Trafficking.  They have some good laws in effect but are not enforced from what I am told.  The children are sold here because of poverty.  If that is an excuse.  It really is not to me.  There is no way I would EVER allow my wife or child to sale themselves sexually (or any other way) to better my situation!  But this is how it is in many places.  My heart is connected to this man who gave this to me, Fred.  He is awesome and has a heart for the kids.  He is educating them in schools about this law so they can get help if they are sold.  I am going to see if I can connect him with people to get more help.  He wanted to take me to show me what goes on (doesn’t sound like it is violent here) but I will be in Accra when he wanted to take me out on the town.

Tomorrow we go to the small villages and see the fatherless!  Excited about that.  Then Thursday we head to Accra and the conference there begins.  The time is starting to fly by.  Thanks for reading and for praying.  If you see this before noon CDT please pray for me.  I am feeling attacked so the word must be from God!  Love to all!


2 thoughts on “Ghana update #2

  1. Lolli says:

    I love you and I am praying for you. This is a fulfillment of what God showed me when you were a baby. I knew He would use you in a big way! Praise God!!!

  2. Blessings, Jamin! The Tucker Family is praying for you.

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