April Newsletter

Dear Beloved Friends,

The adventure with God continues on!

It is an exciting season for us. Over a month has passed since the trip to Ghana and the ministry position change for Jamin. It has been an up and down month for us. Sarah is now about to step out of ministry and hair to be mom and take care of herself. Libby is loving the warm weather and is getting so smart. She is loving ballet and dancing in the GPR as well. Jamin has been working hard to help in the “nesting” season and learning about spiritual warfare, healing and deliverance. He is building a team of men to minister to sexually broken men. There are over 40 applicants to receive ministry here on the missions base. IHOPU and the internships are now attracting a more diverse group of young people and the need for healing is growing as fast.

God loves to show us his goodness! In Prisoners of Hope we have been contending to see physical healing as well as the emotional and spiritual. We have seen some breakthrough in this over the last month. One of our girls, was running and sprained her arch. She was at service and received prayer and was healed. Jesus loves to restore and heal.

Forerunner Evangelism is a department within the IHOP-KC missions base that focuses on training and equipping evangelists. They have weekly events to go minister at various locations locally. They also have specific outreaches at major events. Here in KC we have a large party for St Patricks day. This department ran a large outreach with 2 school buses and many shuttles. One of thousands of testimonies is one young lady was walking in a lesbian lifestyle after falling away from God. After a few questions she was convicted by Holy Spirit she was in sin, repented and came back to Jesus! We have a training intensive for those who want to grow in eveangelism. Our Forerunner Evangelism Intensive (FEI) is a training program designed to raise up evangelists to call the lost to Jesus Christ.

With all the new changes, finances have changed as well. The Lord has continued to show Himself faithful providing for all of our needs. God has blessed us with Sarah being able to do hair, but with Gideon coming soon, we will be losing this help for a season. She has averaged about $500 a month. Also with budget cuts at IHOP-KC we have lost another $500 monthly. We want to ask you to pray in this season for our finances as we believe the Lord wants us to minister freely without working in the marketplace as well. We thank you so much for your faithfullness in giving and in prayer.


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