Recap of Ghana, while in Ghana

I wanted to take some time and recap some of what God has done while it is fresh.  I will also try and recap a little later when the dust has settled and the Spirit leads me.

To start with, the plane ride was interesting.  No sleep and sitting for over a half of a day.  Then we get out and run to a taxi van and drive 3.5 hours.  I was tired and honestly unsure what God was really doing with me here.  I don’t really think I had much of a culture shock but there was a little.  It was not as I expected it for sure.  I still had that YES in my heart for whatever God had for me here.  We get to Ho and relax in the hotel, which was nice!  I finally got me a good nap, then we went to eat the meal we had the most possibly while here, chicken and fried rice.  It was good.  I then crashed only to wake up at 5 in the morning here.  God knew what He was doing.  I worshiped and prayed for 2 hours before getting ready and going to breakfast.  It was just what Jesus ordered for my spirit.  Loft Sessions by Bethel was the theme track for me while here.  Come to Me blows me away still today.  It reminds me of a song Sarah would sing!  She is such a beautiful singer with a powerful spirit and voice!  I thank God she has had many people helping her and God has given her a lot of grace as well.  Two days then we had the conference at Ho.  God showed up big time.  We made great connections and got see Gods heart for the Volta Region.  God confirmed that the prophetic/revelatory giftings needed to be biblically understood in the region!  Much hurt and manipulation were being used by the people operating in this gifting.  Then we went to the villages on Wednesday.  Beautiful places I have to admit.  Sad the way they live but they live that way and are happy with what they do have and are very grateful for even a lifesaver mint!  They beam with joy over the smallest things!

The market was fun!  I man that had some mental disorder followed me all around town.  He only wanted to talk to me.  It was very interesting and brought many laughs.  We also got to see a sewing shop and bakery that Rivers of Life International has helped get funding for training for women.  We then had along drive and traffic was crazy.  We came to Accra and the hotel was nice and the owners are from Boston.  He was a Methodist pastor for many years and came here to retire and bought this hotel.  Accra was surprising to me.  I was shocked at how people were living here.  The church we were speaking at was basically off of a road that became a dump ground.  People lived here.  It is sad.  But the Spirit of God can show up anywhere!  Especially in a place like this.  And He did just that.  Doors opened wide for things here in Ghana for Rivers of Life, Ghana pastors, and me.  I have opportunities to get messages out on radio, teach or help instruct a coarse in a Bible school and preach in places all over Africa.  Above all of this I made some really awesome friends!  Genuine people who know how to love!  I am excited to see where God is going to take this!

Thank you all for your support and for following me.  As much as I loved this trip I am excited to be with my amazing wife and beautiful baby girl and strong son.  God is so good and I thank You Lord for all You are doing!  Thank you for good friends back in KC as well that are helping Sarah and especially for coming to get me with Sarah!  Rewards are going to be great for each of you that sowed into this in prayer and finances.  I hope you get a chance to come here and meet people like I did!

Much love!  In His grace, Jamin


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