Ghana update #3

Tuesday night went awesome!  So awesome that instead of speaking on the latter part of Rev. 12:11 I will now speak solely on the Prophetic in Accra.  I can tie it in somehow I am sure!

Wednesday was all about the villages and checking out the Ho Volta Region.  Beautiful and sad all at the same time.  It was awesome to see their culture and mingle with them.  The first village (see pic) was all about the kids.  There are many fatherless children.  The little boys just loved me.  They were tickling and playing with me.  Then we went to the village that Rivers of Life ministries are getting a well for them to have water.  We came back and went to the market some.  I had a homeless man that followed me all over.  He did not mess with anybody else but me.  Gave all a good laugh.

We travel to Accra today!  Please pray for safe travel and then tomorrow that they will receive the word of God on the prophetic gift tomorrow.  There was some warfare on it and I was worn plum out after Tuesday night.  Also pray for my ear.  They love loud music and my right ear is very sensitive now.  Uncomfortable!

Thank you all for your prayers!


One thought on “Ghana update #3

  1. Jamin we are so proud of what God is doing in your life. It is really exciting to see Him leading you and growing you in His Grace!!!Stay safe and continue serving God and He’ll bless you 1,000 fold.
    Love Dado and Nana

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