Ghana update #4

Yesterday was a lot of driving.  Traffic is nuts around here.  If I had road rage when I get back home, I won’t any more.  LOL.  We did not get to go to the orphanage like I hoped to.  We prepared to give all 3 messages today and then tomorrow was to be Q & A only but that has switched.  Blessed are the flexible for they won’t be bent out of shape and will learn to trust God with all the details.  This morning we found out that there were 2 messages today and 3 tomorrow, with one tonight at another church.  So I taught on holiness again and loving God wholeheartedly.  Tomorrow I will talk on the Prophetic.  Accra is a run down place.  We are in a large Muslim populated area.  You can feel the darkness but you can also tell others can see the light radiating from within me.  It is almost like they know Jesus is the better option or something.  We are in a nice hotel and the owner are from Boston.  They were Methodist ministers that have retired and are now running a hotel that is their ministry.  Great people!  I will try and get some pictures up if I get some time before we leave this hotel Sunday.  They have wireless internet access that has been a blessing.

Please pray that we have more and more grace.  We are teaching a lot and it can get draining.  It is very humid so physically we get worn down pretty quick.  90 degrees plus Houston humidity is fun!  I walk outside and want a shower.  If you didn’t know already I sweat a lot and that has not changed.  So I am drinking tons of water!  (bottles of course)  Today in my message I talked quite a bit on the bridal paradigm as well as my marriage.  It made me miss Sarah even more and did not realize that was possible.  So pray for grace on that as well.  Thank you all for all of your prayers.  Believe me when I say I have felt them.  I know I am not going in just looking into they eyes of Jesus with His escort but also with all you continuing to back me up in prayer.  It is like all the fans when you are on the road and you know they drove a long way to see you and support you.  Though you are not physically here with me you are here in Spirit.  I can feel it!  Many blessings from Accra Ghana!


One thought on “Ghana update #4

  1. Dawn says:

    We’re so lucky you have internet and can keep updating us! We will keep praying for grace, for power and for comfort (both physically and emotionally).

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