Ghana update!

Glory to God!  He is so faithful and gave me so much grace!  Yesterday was a very full day.  We went to teach at the church and then went to a church that evening.  We drove through traffic for a good hour and a half in hot humid weather.  I was a bit sweaty upon arrival.  Debbie and I shared  a small portion of our hearts.  The church was on a 21 day fast for growth and oil.  I exhorted them to press forward that it is worth the pain and headache.  I felt led to talk to them about the Global Bridegroom Fast from Matthew 9.  I was asked some good questions after and many said they would join in with us.  How amazing would it be if it truly was a GLOBAL Bridegroom fast for hastening the return of our Bridegroom King?  I cannot imagine what would happen in the spirit realm.  We got in the hotel around midnight Ghana time.

This morning we got up and the conference began with a breakfast meeting.  We had tables that were in rectangular shape facing each other and were able to talk.  It was formal but casual all at the same time.  It was a feeling of freedom!  Richard and Debbie forgot their notes so Edam ran to get them for them.  So I went first.  I thought it was perfect (Holy Spirit always leads it perfect).  I had a handout of the prophetic notes so I went into some more examples and testimonies.  In Ho I was not able to do this and got through all that I could.  But in Accra, with them having the notes, I was able to expand certain areas that Holy Spirit led and asked them to read the rest.  They also recorded each session ad I am hoping to receive the recording.  We made many great contacts and God willing I hope to bring a team here to minister more on the prophetic and go deep into training as well.  There are some doors open so we will see what God does.  We then got to sit down, eat and chat for lunch with the leaders of the conference.  It was really good to hear their heart.  Really great people!  Then Apostle Daniel took us to a shopping mall to get Richard a phone and I was able to find Libby a cute dress.  In the market I struggled to find one her size.  The size is different here so I just told age and when they would show me the dress I knew it was too small.  Tonight we are going to relax (we are all tired) and tomorrow we go to Apostle Daniel’s church and get to experience a Ghana’n service fully receiving.  We will then pack up and prepare to get on the plane!  We leave here at 9:30 Ghana time so 3:30 CDT.  I understand snow may be headed the direction of KC.  Will be different as I am in 90 degree heat now.  I am praying the snow holds off until later on in the day Monday so it gives us no issues.  Please join me in prayer declaring the snow be pushed back.

I look forward to getting to talk to many of you and share many of the works of God that are going on here in Ghana!  Thank you all for your prayers and support through this.  Much love from Ghana!  Jamin


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