June 2012 Newsletter

Dear Beloved Friends,


Gideon has arrived!


After years of prayer and crying out to God we are now a family of 4.  Sarah was placed on bed rest for 2 weeks because of high blood pressure.  It stayed down until May 18th when it spiked again.  Sarah and her midwife made the decision it was best for Gideon and her to induce.  After 29 hours of labor after the induction, Gideon came!  Sarah took no medication and was simply amazing.  The presence of God filled the room at 9:14 and we could feel angels rejoicing over Gideon Jordan.  He continues to be strong and is eating well.  Sarah is doing great, better than we all expected.  Jamin is full of joy and Libby is a great help, loving having a brother.  She did beautifully in her dance recital and graduated pre-K.  We could not be more grateful for all God has done in May of 2012.  Ministry has not stopped for us.  Jamin has been able to take time to be at home, but has also been praying for new team members.  We have a guy very interested.  Please continue to pray for discernment for Jamin as he looks to build his team.


We love to be able to bless you and give each of you thanks for partnering with our ministry and IHOP-KC.  The big difference in our new ministry is we deal with fewer people, but have a huge impact in their lives.  This young lady wanted to thank you for helping her gain freedom through Jesus, using us and many others within Prisoners of Hope.


“I am 20 years old and just graduated from… Prisoners of Hope. I cannot, and would rather not, fathom what life would be like if Jamin and Sarah did not express to me what God had laid on their hearts for me…that I have wounds that need healing…and that I can officially begin the journey to my desired ministry. They had opened up a couple invitations to me to have me at their home and they signed me up on the waiting list to receive healing ministry. I postponed their suggestions twice, but when I finally came, I could feel the peace in their home and that peace comforted my faith and belief in my own healing. I watched their family grow and knew it was a safe place to be. I began learning the lifestyle of missionaries and…thought of partnering with the idea myself. Jamin and Sarah believe the Lord is the provider who gives His heart to other people and for them…as our Father always wants the best for us. The verse Exodus 14:14 comes to mind, “The Lord will fight your battles for you. He asks that you be still.”  As they took me in with open arms, knowing the Lord provides for them and would provide for even me to live with them without me being able to pay rent or for my own groceries was a total faith movement in my own life! In November, I began receiving ministry from Prisoners of Hope, the day after my 20th birthday, May 30th, I graduated from it with a restored hope, confidence, and understanding of my identity in Christ. I am so thankful for the peace and the support the Hacker family gave to me before and after I started and now as a graduate. They’ve shown wonderful example of a lifestyle in peace and understanding the Lord is who He says He is. Provider, Truth, Hope, Faith and Creator who provides for even the small sparrows.


I want to thank you for your heart to listen and obey the Lord as He moves your heart to provide for the Hacker family. Thank you for trusting the Lord with your own finances as you’ve given your own earnings away to a family in missions. I bless each one of you for blessing the Hacker family who have and continue to bless me.


Love,   K”


Because of you, this is possible.  We want to thank you for making this possible for us and all those being ministered to!  You are a blessing!


With Love,


As I am in a ministry that I minister to broken men that are in need of strength, my question is, where did we (men) lose our strength?  Have I lost my strength?  If so, where did I lose it?

A brief history on why I am asking this.  I was asked to lead a ministry to minister to broken men (I am finding out we all are to a point) last fall.  The main scripture I was given is Zechariah 9:17 How attractive they will be! (in the days before the our Kings triumphant return)  Grain (strength) will make the young man thrive, and new wine the young women.  The Lord began to reveal to me how men are badly in need of strength in this hour.   We have been completely stripped of our “manhood” and need to claim it back!  Then shortly after I was asked to lead this ministry, we found out we are going to have a baby!  Soon we found out we are having a boy, Gideon Jordan.  I know males and females are very different.  I love Libby and desire to be the best dad the world can offer, understanding all I can do is try to portray My Heavenly Father to her.  As a father-to-be to a son, my role now expands to training a boy to be a strong man in the Lord!

Where we lost our strength as men?

We can go as far back to Adam and see how he, in the moment of decision, the choice that forever changed the human race, got scared and did not stand his ground!  Adam see’s the most beautiful of all creation, Eve, get deceived by a serpent.  He was with her and listening to this serpent speak doubt and fear into her.  Yet he never jumped in the middle to say, “No, I know God is good!”  FEAR!!!  All men deal with is fear.  Fear of not adding up, or succeeding, or not performing, or not being good enough in bed with your wife…..and so on.  We see leader after leader in the Old Testament fall to fear!  Abraham feared so much he would let another man, that could have him killed, sleep with his wife.  Moses feared his speech and would not speak on behalf of God.  David, my favorite man of God, was one of the strongest and closest to God’s heart, yet he feared a man that worked under him because he fell to lust and killed him.  Elijah, Jacob, I must say Gideon, and the list goes on and on.  Then comes Jesus!  He did not fear!  He stood after being baptized and called out by His Father, after fasting 40 days (no strength aka grain!).  So here is the man we are to follow!

Jesus, was called into His identity by who?  God!  Here is my answer.  Only God can give us the strength, I so desperately want to see in each man of God!  These are the men I want to stand in battle with as we ride with Jesus to cleanse the world and bring His kingdom to earth for eternity!

I then, looking at myself, began to look at my fears.  Why my fears?  That is where Adam lost his strength and so many other mighty men along the way.  Where did they originate from and why?

(This is my personal journey with God.  Everybody has their own to a different degree, but I believe God is still the source to receive our strength.  I also believe He wants to release that today in each man willing to go on a journey with Him.)

I grew up in a fantastic home.  I accepted Jesus truly and was filled with the Holy Spirt as a young boy.  I remember playing ball all the time.  I loved being outside!  Anything I could do to get outside, because that is where I loved to be.  The first time I recall being really full of fear was in Kindergarten.  I hated school and really did not understand why until recently.  Remember me saying I love the outdoors.  Still to this day, I would rather be outside and learn on the job.  You can give me a book and I can read and study but until I get my hands dirty I really am not confident in doing the job.  No wonder we have so many young boys diagnosed with ADD.  Sarah is currently on bed rest, with Gideon on his way any day now.  I have been serving her and loving it.  In the Prayer Room a few days ago, God asks me,”could you handle sitting doing nothing?”  My response is simple and fast! “NO!”  She is sacrificing so much!  I love her more and more every day.  It is such a great adventure.  Moving on….I was eventually tamed enough to go to school and sit for hours a day.  In junior high and into high school I go.  We move right before my freshman year.  I was in a great place and on my way (so I thought) to playing Division 1 sports and going pro.  (I was going to be Tim Tebow, though he was not known then that truly was my goal-that is probably why I like him so much as well)  This time of my life was hard.  My Pops was in a huge transition changing jobs.  He is an amazing father and I love him and all he did for me so much.  My two heroes are him and my Dado.  I don’t know that they really know that but it is true.  I believe all boys hero is truly a father figure in their life!  This job change was hard.  I was at a critical point in my life.  I was not called into my identity at this juncture and so who I previously was, left me because of FEAR!  Fear of man, of being accepted!  Fear of not being the best.  I had worked so hard to be the best and was, but that was taken from me.  So fear sets in, and I turn into being the macho man that fits in the crowd.  After almost 10 years of that I get awoken!  The Lord so often uses the enemy to get us on track and He did with me.  I hit rock bottom and move back home.  Soon I meet Sarah, we get married, I get a great job, we buy a beautiful home, have a beautiful baby girl, and then…..BOOM!  Yep, God wanted more of my heart!  A tornado hits.  He says, “move!”  It is confirmed from many sources.  We pick up and go to Minnesota.  Away from all that I leaned on, my family and my 2 heroes.  He strips me of all the familiar, doesn’t allow me to work for a time, nor have our own home.  All the things most men find strength in, He took from me!  My golf clubs, twice!  Once in a tornado, next in a fire!  We move to Kansas City and He says (no sports on TV).  He keeps going deeper, but I keep getting stronger!  My fears, are leaving.  Why?  Perfect love casts out fear!  Who is love?  God!  That is right GOD IS SPEAKING TO ME, “Jamin, you are My son, and I am pleased with who I have made you to be!”  Now go and fight for Me!  It is a great battle and a great adventure!  When I said yes, to Jesus taking my life, I signed up for a battle and an adventure.  I didn’t just want my life to be easier.  How boring!  This is why men are so bored.  They are tame, scared, and looking for the easy route.  It is time to have adventure!  Take up your cross and follow Jesus!  Give Him everything and enjoy the ride.  I am not saying it is easy though.  This has been extremely tough, but extremely rewarding!

Libby loves a song by Laura Hackett “The battle is raging, the devil is raging, I don’t want to be sleeping, because the battle is raging…give me eyes to see and ears to hear!”  We are in a battle and losing guys!  It is time we take a stand and fight!  Fight for our strength.  Creation is groaning for us to take it back.  The women in this world are as well.  They want a strong man to lead them on an adventure.  Not a passive man that is too scared to fight for them.  Nor a man that’s so scared of opening up that he controls and dominates them.  God is strong and we are made in His image!  Women have the beauty and mercy.  Men have the strength.  Jesus is not Mr. Rogers!  He picked fights!  He wasn’t the one shying away in fear.  “Yes, I heal on the Sabbath, what are you going to do about it!”  This is the man the disciples saw and went and told everybody about.  A man of passion ready to restore the world with a fight!  Peacemakers! Not Peacekeepers.  We are the light!  The salt!  It is time to take back ground.  I am ready to stand!  Lord I am ready to fight for You!


May Newsletter

Dear Beloved Friends,


Springing into new growth!


Our household continues to see new growth.  As Gideon grows and prepares to make his debut into this world, excitement grows daily.  The garden is in and the rain continues to fall preparing the way for a great harvest.  Jamin has completed his training and is now focused on training other men so they can begin to minister to the broken men within the IHOP community.  This has been a wonderful season for him to be able to be in the Prayer Room for longer periods of time and receive a greater understanding of His heart for Prisoners of Hope men.  Sarah has now paused her ministry times and hair to focus primarily on the arrival of Gideon.  We had an amazing shower and  were showered with gifts and encouraging and loving words over Gideon and our family.  Libby graduates pre-k this month and will have her ballet recital.  She had her first dental appointment and was told she had to stop sucking her thumb.  She did cold turkey!  We were blessed with tickets to Jesus Culture (it was amazing) and our last family vacation as the 3 of us, to the Great Wolf Lodge here in Kansas City.


Joseph Company is a ministry of the International House of Prayer seeking to, restore God‘s purpose and vision for the marketplace, equip marketplace believers in prayer, develop passion for Jesus in the marketplace, have prophetic understanding of the times and seasons in relation to God‘s plan for cities, nations, and the marketplace. We define the marketplace as any arena of life outside of the walls of the Church.  We believe the Lord is calling for those who are like Joseph of Genesis 45, who will preserve life, store wealth (and food), and help establish cities of refuge.  Holy Spirit is raising up forerunners in the marketplace who are cultivating a life of prayer, intimacy with Jesus, and prophetic insight into God’s strategies. Gone are the days of the marketplace being viewed as secular and devoid of God’s presence or purposes. It is the great mission field for which God is raising up His servants to express the kingdom.  We have a conference June 7-9.

God loves to show us his goodness!  Knees have been a big theme this month.  Jamin was able to pray for a few men for physical healing and each had significant pain in their knees leave instantly.  One of the young men also had daily headaches and had one before we prayed.  His headache was gone after prayer.  Go God!


Specific prayer requests:  we are starting a Prisoners of Hope minor team that will minister to those under 18 here on the missions base, Jamin to hear clearly as he works to establish the foundation of the mens ministry team in Prisoner of Hope, the birth and health of Gideon and Sarah, and for more please check our website as we are learning to update it regularly.


We want to thank you for your faithfulness in partnership.  You help to make it possible for us to minister to the broken, bound, and oppressed.  May the God of Peace richly bless you and your family!


With Love,  The Hacker Family

He loves restoration!

April 21st of this year marked the first time since 2007 this day fell on a Saturday.  This date in 2007 was a day that sent our family into a season of a ton of change!  

Saturdays for us now are usually busy.  This day was no different.  We had dance for Libby and then I (Jamin) needed to go Isaiah 61 teaching (which is always awesome).  Today Stephen told his testimony and how we are told to “remember what God has done.”  So many of us can recall all the wrongs done to us.  We could hold offense against God for taking our comfortable lives away from us with a tornado 5 years ago.  This was a home He gave us!  We offered over $10000 less than the asking price and they accepted it.  It was a beautiful home that we could spend forever in!  Sarah’s almost dream home.  Most today would be upset still and bitter as well.  Most people would help us justify the wrong done to us on that Saturday.  That Saturday we had planned to go to church but did because of storms and the job I had (could have easily been called in to work- electric company).  So…..Stephens teaching has sent me on a journey to the past 5 years.

My mindset has changed drastically! (healing has come through this well)

We were in the basement (Sarah was down there for at least a good hour with Libby and Cushette-our dog).  Boom!  A train sounded like it ran over us.  Wow!  Dirt comes flying in!  Libby and Cushette still have not made a sound!  How many angels were in that basement with us ministering to us?  One day I will ask!  I, a 27 year old man, was scared!  I wanted to scream!  I was scared to go up the stairs!  I remember talking to my brother and Dado on the phone (they let me know when it was ok to step out).  We sat down there, asking, what is left?  It was a mystery.  We KNEW this was a time of change!  But how?  For what?

Libby was 5 months old!  She did not latch on well so we were bottle feeding her breast milk.  Sarah was pumping all the time.  We had a good storage for this milk.  By us staying home that day, we were able to salvage this food for Libby and get the necessities for taking care of her.  Cushette was also with us and would have been home alone (in her kennel) if we were not there.  God, in His love and mercy, kept us home in this event, and protected us!

How were we protected?  

I (Jamin) have seen thousands of tornadoes growing up.  I saw the track of this one.  It had hit Olton Texas (approximately 45 miles from us) and stayed on the ground with a path to the north of us.  I was watching this tornado and it was on the ground but on the other side of the grain elevator (opposite side of the highway from us).  I knew it would miss us.  But I wanted to watch!  Sarah yells, “Jamin, get down here!”  So I did.  BUT…..I forgot to shut the metal door!  The tornado hits us shortly after.  We had a huge Mulberry tree in our back yard.  It was gone!  But the tornado lifted.  I did not know there was more than one tornado on the ground in that storm.  There were 3!!!!  The one I saw missed us.  One did not though!

The next few years were not easy.  The next few months were not easy.  Many many hard decisions made.  Many people left without answers.  Most things just did not make sense to our (mine maybe most of all) small human minds.  All we had was a still small voice and a yes in Sarah and my heart.  “Will you trust Me?”  

Trust is something that grows in a safe place!  A place that is secret and intimate.  I still tear at the song “Beautifully Broken” by Jeremy Riddle.  I remember driving around alone with this song cranked up and singing to the top of my lungs and then just crying!  I did not understand what was happening.  I was learning to hear His voice!  I was learning about TRUST!  Like David, when he was running from the man (King Saul) who he thought was going to be his mentor.  This man who he so loved and looked up to.  But this man betrayed him and longed to murder him!  This man that was so jealous of David’s anointing.  Davids story is one that fascinates me.  No matter the cost, David would obey His voice.  He made mistakes in his weakness, but was truly a man after God’s heart.  

God is love!  When we love God, His response is more love!  I want more!  So much more!  To get more I reveal more love to Him.  

Out of a single event that is usually seen as tragic and horrible, He has restored for His glory and for ours as well.  God is so good!  

‎”The enemy wants you to use your circumstances to challenge God’s goodness. No! You should take His goodness and challenge your circumstances! It doesn’t matter whether the situation is good, bad or ugly; it cannot separate you from the goodness of God.” Graham Cooke

I can go on and on.  God has moved in our lives so many ways.  More will come later!  


April Newsletter

Dear Beloved Friends,

The adventure with God continues on!

It is an exciting season for us. Over a month has passed since the trip to Ghana and the ministry position change for Jamin. It has been an up and down month for us. Sarah is now about to step out of ministry and hair to be mom and take care of herself. Libby is loving the warm weather and is getting so smart. She is loving ballet and dancing in the GPR as well. Jamin has been working hard to help in the “nesting” season and learning about spiritual warfare, healing and deliverance. He is building a team of men to minister to sexually broken men. There are over 40 applicants to receive ministry here on the missions base. IHOPU and the internships are now attracting a more diverse group of young people and the need for healing is growing as fast.

God loves to show us his goodness! In Prisoners of Hope we have been contending to see physical healing as well as the emotional and spiritual. We have seen some breakthrough in this over the last month. One of our girls, was running and sprained her arch. She was at service and received prayer and was healed. Jesus loves to restore and heal.

Forerunner Evangelism is a department within the IHOP-KC missions base that focuses on training and equipping evangelists. They have weekly events to go minister at various locations locally. They also have specific outreaches at major events. Here in KC we have a large party for St Patricks day. This department ran a large outreach with 2 school buses and many shuttles. One of thousands of testimonies is one young lady was walking in a lesbian lifestyle after falling away from God. After a few questions she was convicted by Holy Spirit she was in sin, repented and came back to Jesus! We have a training intensive for those who want to grow in eveangelism. Our Forerunner Evangelism Intensive (FEI) is a training program designed to raise up evangelists to call the lost to Jesus Christ.

With all the new changes, finances have changed as well. The Lord has continued to show Himself faithful providing for all of our needs. God has blessed us with Sarah being able to do hair, but with Gideon coming soon, we will be losing this help for a season. She has averaged about $500 a month. Also with budget cuts at IHOP-KC we have lost another $500 monthly. We want to ask you to pray in this season for our finances as we believe the Lord wants us to minister freely without working in the marketplace as well. We thank you so much for your faithfullness in giving and in prayer.

Recap of Ghana, while in Ghana

I wanted to take some time and recap some of what God has done while it is fresh.  I will also try and recap a little later when the dust has settled and the Spirit leads me.

To start with, the plane ride was interesting.  No sleep and sitting for over a half of a day.  Then we get out and run to a taxi van and drive 3.5 hours.  I was tired and honestly unsure what God was really doing with me here.  I don’t really think I had much of a culture shock but there was a little.  It was not as I expected it for sure.  I still had that YES in my heart for whatever God had for me here.  We get to Ho and relax in the hotel, which was nice!  I finally got me a good nap, then we went to eat the meal we had the most possibly while here, chicken and fried rice.  It was good.  I then crashed only to wake up at 5 in the morning here.  God knew what He was doing.  I worshiped and prayed for 2 hours before getting ready and going to breakfast.  It was just what Jesus ordered for my spirit.  Loft Sessions by Bethel was the theme track for me while here.  Come to Me blows me away still today.  It reminds me of a song Sarah would sing!  She is such a beautiful singer with a powerful spirit and voice!  I thank God she has had many people helping her and God has given her a lot of grace as well.  Two days then we had the conference at Ho.  God showed up big time.  We made great connections and got see Gods heart for the Volta Region.  God confirmed that the prophetic/revelatory giftings needed to be biblically understood in the region!  Much hurt and manipulation were being used by the people operating in this gifting.  Then we went to the villages on Wednesday.  Beautiful places I have to admit.  Sad the way they live but they live that way and are happy with what they do have and are very grateful for even a lifesaver mint!  They beam with joy over the smallest things!

The market was fun!  I man that had some mental disorder followed me all around town.  He only wanted to talk to me.  It was very interesting and brought many laughs.  We also got to see a sewing shop and bakery that Rivers of Life International has helped get funding for training for women.  We then had along drive and traffic was crazy.  We came to Accra and the hotel was nice and the owners are from Boston.  He was a Methodist pastor for many years and came here to retire and bought this hotel.  Accra was surprising to me.  I was shocked at how people were living here.  The church we were speaking at was basically off of a road that became a dump ground.  People lived here.  It is sad.  But the Spirit of God can show up anywhere!  Especially in a place like this.  And He did just that.  Doors opened wide for things here in Ghana for Rivers of Life, Ghana pastors, and me.  I have opportunities to get messages out on radio, teach or help instruct a coarse in a Bible school and preach in places all over Africa.  Above all of this I made some really awesome friends!  Genuine people who know how to love!  I am excited to see where God is going to take this!

Thank you all for your support and for following me.  As much as I loved this trip I am excited to be with my amazing wife and beautiful baby girl and strong son.  God is so good and I thank You Lord for all You are doing!  Thank you for good friends back in KC as well that are helping Sarah and especially for coming to get me with Sarah!  Rewards are going to be great for each of you that sowed into this in prayer and finances.  I hope you get a chance to come here and meet people like I did!

Much love!  In His grace, Jamin

Ghana update!

Glory to God!  He is so faithful and gave me so much grace!  Yesterday was a very full day.  We went to teach at the church and then went to a church that evening.  We drove through traffic for a good hour and a half in hot humid weather.  I was a bit sweaty upon arrival.  Debbie and I shared  a small portion of our hearts.  The church was on a 21 day fast for growth and oil.  I exhorted them to press forward that it is worth the pain and headache.  I felt led to talk to them about the Global Bridegroom Fast from Matthew 9.  I was asked some good questions after and many said they would join in with us.  How amazing would it be if it truly was a GLOBAL Bridegroom fast for hastening the return of our Bridegroom King?  I cannot imagine what would happen in the spirit realm.  We got in the hotel around midnight Ghana time.

This morning we got up and the conference began with a breakfast meeting.  We had tables that were in rectangular shape facing each other and were able to talk.  It was formal but casual all at the same time.  It was a feeling of freedom!  Richard and Debbie forgot their notes so Edam ran to get them for them.  So I went first.  I thought it was perfect (Holy Spirit always leads it perfect).  I had a handout of the prophetic notes so I went into some more examples and testimonies.  In Ho I was not able to do this and got through all that I could.  But in Accra, with them having the notes, I was able to expand certain areas that Holy Spirit led and asked them to read the rest.  They also recorded each session ad I am hoping to receive the recording.  We made many great contacts and God willing I hope to bring a team here to minister more on the prophetic and go deep into training as well.  There are some doors open so we will see what God does.  We then got to sit down, eat and chat for lunch with the leaders of the conference.  It was really good to hear their heart.  Really great people!  Then Apostle Daniel took us to a shopping mall to get Richard a phone and I was able to find Libby a cute dress.  In the market I struggled to find one her size.  The size is different here so I just told age and when they would show me the dress I knew it was too small.  Tonight we are going to relax (we are all tired) and tomorrow we go to Apostle Daniel’s church and get to experience a Ghana’n service fully receiving.  We will then pack up and prepare to get on the plane!  We leave here at 9:30 Ghana time so 3:30 CDT.  I understand snow may be headed the direction of KC.  Will be different as I am in 90 degree heat now.  I am praying the snow holds off until later on in the day Monday so it gives us no issues.  Please join me in prayer declaring the snow be pushed back.

I look forward to getting to talk to many of you and share many of the works of God that are going on here in Ghana!  Thank you all for your prayers and support through this.  Much love from Ghana!  Jamin